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Resolution: 1400 x 1050
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Self Organizing Still-Life (SOS)
- sound stimulated, kinetic interactive sculptures

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Self Organizing Still-Life (SOS)

acoustically stimulated interactive sculptures

David Fried's "Self Organizing Still-Life" (SOS) is a series of interactive, sound-stimulated kinetic sculptures, which reveal his exploration into the inherent qualities of networked and emergent systems operating far-from-equilibrium intrinsic to nature, individual psyche, communication and social relationships.

Whatever the scale or materials used for the SOS, they all consist of solid hand-made spheres, which are stirred into motion by ambient sound on a predetermined level object. Audible sound is transformed live into waves that silently stimulate each of the spheres into motion. The resulting action of the individual spheres and their interactions with one another are undetermined. They rearrange themselves in continually new patterns of elegantly fluid choreography. Some kiss, some spin off alone, while others race head-on only to meet with a soft embrace, or swerve around one another, often changing the path and destiny of each other without physical contact, as each sphere is able to sense one another.

No two spheres are alike -- each is composed of either solid stone, or synthetic polymers layered with organic materials such as marble dust and rare earth, with no moving parts. The artist infuses them with unique bipolar qualities, and an ability to interact with each other in inimitable and unexpected ways on an elemental level, rather than a mechanical one. Fried is therefore able to give each sphere an individual personality, allowing them to respond and behave differently to sound, and with each new artwork, create an entirely unique interdependent family of individuals that we can influence, but not control.

Like two people would dance differently to the same music, the individual spheres interact in a unique and live choreography directly initiated by its environment.

Physically, the sphere’s interactions create infinite possibilities and outcomes, within a finite resource. Metaphysically, these works can evoke a sense of creative problem solving, where discarding old beliefs, maps and rules are essential for sustainable life within a limited resource, such is our natural world.

As we simultaneously influence and trace the movements of the spheres, our attention becomes increasingly focused on the non-linear dynamic relationships that unfold between them, effectively shifting the emphasis away from the individual objects themselves towards a highly subjective glimpse of a more complex individual picture. Creating a generative interactive experience, these works use simplicity in form combined with complexity of motion to provoke the viewer to forge perspectives on relationships, life and the polyverse of thought.

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Kinetic Interactive Sculpturevideo: outdoor interactive sculpture - brussels .play

museum kunstpalast duesseldorf david friedvideo: museum kunstpalast, duesseldorf 2014. play

kinetische kunstkunstmusem ritter, "bewegung im quadrat" 2006-7. permanent collection. play

multitouch interactive artmultitouch interactive sculpture, HD quality. play

HD - interactive art sculpture installationinteractive installation with.live sound visualization projections. HD quality. play

david fried VernissageTV play

Video Review / Far from Equilibrium, Solo Exhibition New York, September 2007

Sculpture In Motion at ABG Atlanta BG: interactive sculpture GG-1, 2008, 157x 127 x 15 cm. granite, microphone, mixed media. play

Art Cologne 2008:.interactive sculpture WM-4, 2008, 157x 127 x 52 cm. Marble, microphone, mixed media. play

Interactive sculpture WM-1, duesseldorf. play

kinetic interactive contemporary sculpturevideo excerpt: awarded futura film prize duesseldorf 1998: sos in venice. play

interactive sculpture nycsounds of new york city stimulate this kinetic sculpture. play

Kinetic Interactive Sculpturekunstmuseum würzburg: sculpture moving to stravinsky's rites of spring. play

Kinetic Interactive Sculpture, Video 5interactive performance play

kinetic art - interactive sculpture interactive sculpture WS-5, 2010. play

Self Organizing Still life BG10 David Fried Interactive sculpture BG10, 2007, 53 x 63 x 7,5 cm. granite, mixed media. play

Scope New York 2008 Scope New York 2008: interactive sculpture BGM-1, 2008, 83 x 63 x 15 cm. granite, microphone, mixed media. play

Interactive sculpture CS4 Interactive sculpture CS4, 2007, 52 x 62 x 9 cm. cast stone, mixed media. play

Kinetic Interactive Sculpture, Video 3"night of the museums" david fried solo at Jörg immendorff's düsseldorf harbor atelier.

Interactive sculpturesvideo of self organizing still life with stone spheres. play

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WAY OF WORDS, MOTIONGRAM SELECTION 2008-10kinetic sculpture

interactive sculpture“WAY OF WORDS are a series of "motiongram" prints made with long-exposures of sculptures reacting to the spoken word. MORE

generative kinetic art

outdoor kinetic art Dew trails in the morning. private collection, Brussels

Monograph 2018 | KERBER Verlag
Essays by Dr.Sabine Maria Schmidt

Dr.Tim Otto Roth, Carl-Friedrich Schröer

David Fried monograph 2017 essays S.M.Schmidt, T.O.Roth, C.F.Schröer
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